Obama Challenges Tax Cutting as Job Creation Strategy

Speaking today in Iowa President Obama has apparently been challenging the premise that tax cuts lead to job creation.

A relatively new blog that I follow, Truth Iowa, recently did a nice piece on that very issue that contained a good review of some of the academic research that is available.  Not surprisingly, when one considers the relatively anemic results of the President’s economic policies, the post, without passing judgement, seems to definitively point to the opposite conclusion – namely that tax cuts are likely the strongest tactic to use in order to create jobs.  The post is entitled The Great Fiscal Debate – Tax Changes and the Economy.  Between the original post and the subsequent comments, there is a wealth of information in this very informative post.

I have quite a bit of research to add to this debate as well, but am still trying to add a base of content and format the site so I will keep it in abeyance for now.  In the meantime, the Truth Iowa piece comes pretty close to the additional information that I can provide.  So, enjoy it in the meantime.


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  1. Jim says:

    Today, UK economists chimed in on the tax rate in our mother country and 20 of them claim that the high tax rate there is hurting growth…

    50% Tax Rate Hurting Growth in the UK

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