Jobs Act Where Art Thou?

I have been on a short vacation and somewhat absent from posting for a bit.

I did, however, take some time on my vacation to react to the President’s speech last Thursday which I posted in The Continuing Cluelessness of the Obama Administration, my basic reaction is that it is completely irrelevant to creating jobs and inspiring economic activity.

One of the remarkable things, however, to emerge from this continuing debacle is the fact that there is no Jobs Act as of yet, President Obama having failed to forward it to Congress yet despite his call to pass it at once.  Friends in Iowa actually have a elapsed time clock posted on their webiste to emphasize that point while calling out Congressman Leonard Boswell for his failure to respond to their inquires.

The question, naturally, is when the Obama Administration actually intends to submit their plan to Congress and when, if at all, Representatives intend to convey its contents to their constituents.

The elapsed time clock can be viewed at

It will be interesting to follow this to really find out when and if President Obama ever submits to final and complete plan to Congress.

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